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Share Jesus without Fear

I just finished a book called "Sharing Jesus without Fear" by William Fay. I thought it was a great book; very convicting and challenging. Last week I sat down and asked myself a question, When is the last time I lead someone to Jesus? That ultimately is our goal and job as Christians. We are to grow in our faith and share our faith. But when I am completely honest with myself I know that I routinely fail in sharing my faith with others. Here are the tips from the book:

Why do we not share our faith as we should?

· Fear

· Uncertainty

· Doubt

· Lack of confidence

How Can I Share My Faith Without an Argument? Ask these questions:

1. Do you have any kind of spiritual belief?

2. To you, who is Jesus?

3. Do you think there is a heaven and a hell?

4. If you died right now, where would you go?

5. If what you believe were not true, would you want to know it?


1. Romans 3:23

2. Romans 6:23

3. John 3:3

4. John 14:6

5. Romans 10:9-11

6. Revelation 3:20

These above scriptures are the ones that Bill uses. He also encourages that you keep a pocket-sized Bible with you at all times so that you are well equipped to share these scriptures. Also, have the individual read the scriptures out loud. Remember as it says in Romans 10:17, “Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Let them read and hear the word of God!

We must let God do the work!


1. Are you a sinner?

2. Do you want forgiveness for your sins?

3. Do you believe Jesus died on the cross for you and rose again?

4. Are you willing to surrender yourself to Christ?

5. Are you ready to invite Jesus into your heart and into your life?

Can we lead one person to Christ this year? Can we at least share our faith? Can we be a witness for God? God is still moving! God is still working! Let's pray for the Lord to give us chances to share our faith with others!

**From "Sharing Jesus without Fear" by William Fay.

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