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Prayer Letter June 2021

Hello Supporting Friends and Family,

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. Christen and I have been in Georgia for 2 months!

Our time in Georgia and training with Vision Baptist Missions has been a great experience. We have been able to plug into the church (Vison Baptist Church) and get involved. In our time here the Lord has allowed us to:

  • Attend missions training classes.

  • Work in the children’s program at Vision Baptist Church.

  • Preach 5 minute messages during the midweek services.

In June I was able to:

  • Travel with Brother Austin Gardner as the preached at Jackson County Baptist Church.

  • Teach at a ‘Coffee and Bible Study’ ministry.

  • Participate in the Vision Baptist Church Visitation program.

The Lord has been very good to us and given us many opportunities to learn and grow under the ministry of Vision Baptist Missions.

Thank you for your support and prayer! Pray for us as we:

  • Seek where the Lord would have us to serve overseas.

  • Discuss direction and safety as we plan overseas travel.

  • Learn more about church planting missions.

Preaching a 5 minute message at Vision Baptist Church.

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