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Philip the Preacher

In Acts we find the story of a man named Philip. This Philip is typically called "Philip the Evangelist." We first meet Philip in Acts 6 where he is chosen as one of the 7 deacons of the church. Philip continues to be faithful to the Lord even after becoming a deacon.

One of the greatest things that I have noticed of Philip is that he is always preaching!

Acts 8:5--Here Philip goes to preach in Samaria. The Bible tells us that many heard and believed his preaching (Acts 8:12).

Acts 8:35--Here Philip goes to meet the Ethiopian eunuch. The Bible tells us in this verse that Philip opened the scriptures and preached Jesus. After some time this eunuch believes Jesus.

Acts 8:40--Here the chapter ends with Philip travelling city to city preaching Jesus.

Philip was known for one thing; preaching Jesus. Where are the Philips today that preach Jesus? I want to be more like him. We need people more like Philip. Preach Jesus!

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