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Fear of the Lord from youth

1 Kings 18b "...but I thy servant fear the LORD from my youth."

In this story we have a man named Obadiah who lived in the time of the reign of Ahab and Jezebel. This was not a great time for the people of God. Jezebel went out and hand many of God's prophets killed! Obadiah was a leader and Israel who feared God. Since he feared the Lord, he worked to preserve many of these men from the deathly hands of Jezebel.

What I notice in this passage is that Obadiah feared the Lord from his youth. I wonder, how did this happen? He lives in a place where the Lord is not begin magnified. He lives in a time of hardship for those who live for the Lord. I really believe that he must have learned this from someone! Who taught Obadiah?

I don't know who taught Obadiah, but that isn't the important question we should consider. I want to consider the youth today. Who is teaching them and training them to fear God? Who are you teaching to fear God today? Are there people around you that you can teach and encourage?

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