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Mozambique is a country that many people do not know. Mozambique is a country in Southern Africa. In the 1500s, Mozambique was colonized by Portugal. The Portuguese people brought their culture, language, and religion. Over time the Mozambicans adopted the language as their own; the primary language in Mozambique is Portuguese. After hundreds of years of control by Portugal, Mozambique won its independence in 1975. Almost immediately after this came the Mozambican civil war which lasted for about 15 years. Today Mozambique remains one of the poorest countries in the world, but their greatest problem is not poverty or disease, their greatest need is knowledge of Jesus Christ who died for their sins. Mozambique is a religious country with religions including Catholicism, Islam, Animism, ancestral worship, and more. None of these religions preach a gospel that can save them. This is why the Lord has called us to go and preach Jesus, evangelize the lost, make disciples, and plant churches.

Will you pray with us as we strive to take the gospel to these people?

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